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about the VA and your class schedule

What classes will the VA pay for?

The VA's general rule is that it will only pay for classes that count towards graduation and fit within a specific program of study. This includes prerequisites (classes that must be completed before enrolling in a particular course) and remedial courses (those that are below the 100 level; for example, MATH081).

Regarding remedial courses, the VA will only pay for those that take place entirely in a classroom or practicum setting, and will not pay for online or hybrid remedial classes. All other courses can be online, hybrid, or in a face to face setting.

The VA also asserts it will not pay for courses the student has already completed or received credit for. This is why Federal law requires an evalution of a student's official transcripts from other insitutions attended, including the military (Title 38, Section 21).

This isn't the final word, though. There are exceptions.